Eric Holder Featured In First SubDesign Propaganda Poster


The first in a series, “Forfeit” features Eric Holder, demanding that the citizens of the US relinquish their 2nd Amendment rights.  In his perfect world, only those who are “more equal” are allowed to defend themselves, while the rest of the citizenry is left defenseless against outlaws and thugs.  In “Forfeit,” Holder, the authority figure, raises the emblem of peace, promoting ideas that sound favorable.  In practice, however, the citizens are surrendering the very tools that protect peace.  They cling to the symbol of peace, as if it will provide some sort of protection.  Unfortunately, the peace symbol cannot protect freedom of speech & assembly, religion, or any other God-given right.  The citizens who have forfeited their arms are now below those who retain them, and more ominously, Holder, who represents those who wish to force their agenda on the unprotected masses.

The concepts in this work are pulled from the headlines.  Holder is evasive and impeding in the Project Gunrunner / Operation Fast and Furious investigation.  This asinine plan allowed the sale of weapons (to persons who would normally not have been able to purchase guns) which were smuggled into Mexico for use by the drug cartels.  These weapons eventually resulted in the death of at least one Border Patrol agent. If there was some other purpose behind this boondoggle other than trying to prove that gun sales need more stringent control, it is not apparent.

Remember… Once the Second Amendment has been carefully debilitated, all the rest will be easy.