Chuck Devore has an interesting piece on Breitbart about the LA Riots, definitely worth a read. It reinforces the necessity of the right to keep and bear arms. What the left refuses to acknowledge is that we, as a civilization, are always one or two events from chaos. Look at Hurricane Katrina; look at what happened in LA 20 years ago. Humans are opportunistic creatures, and when the natural man is unchecked, they will take advantage of these types of situations. For every fool on Doomsday Preppers who is readying for an alien invasion (and these are the ones they show you, to “prove” that anyone who prepares for possible future trouble is crazy), there are thousands who understand that one negative turn in current events will lead to the mob trying to separate you from your property and/or your life. The “zombies” I am getting ready for are the unprepared and those who use any excuse to steal and commit other antisocial acts. These types of events bring in predators from miles around, and the advent of social media will only inflame and exacerbate these situations. The government is not equipped to protect you, yet those who hate the 2nd Amendment want you to count on it. Only by taking responsibility for your own safety can you ensure someone is looking out for you and yours.

For Chuck’s article, head on over to Breitbart-

We learned that armed men on rooftops were the good guys, mostly Korean shop owners protecting their life’s investment.  The armed men on the street were the hostiles.

Also, be sure to check out his interview with Bryan Suits on the Dark Secret Place (Saturday evenings on KFI, or podcast):