SB 249 Outright Ban On All Maglocked Firearms

This is very, very bad.  The most aggressive attack on the 2nd amendment since the 2000 CA assault weapons ban.  There is no logic, there is no reason, there is only fear on the part of Sen Yee and his cohorts.  The only thing this will accomplish is creating an entire class of criminals where there were only those striving to adhere to the law.  The grimly humorous fallout will be that nobody will need a bullet button, there would be no point- might as well have reloading functionality if it is just as illegal as any normal weapon.  I lack the vocabulary to express my disgust and disdain for the fools behind this attack on the Constitution.  These are the same clowns who want to allow the criminal element from Mexico safe harbor in our state… where is the “sanctuary city” for firearms owners?  Repulsive, repugnant, despicable, dimwitted, etc.

From Calguns:

SAN CARLOS, CA, AND MADERA, CA – In an egregious and deliberate move to ban hundreds of thousands of legal firearms and harm law-abiding California gun owners, California Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) has amended his bill SB 249 to make possession of all Bullet Button, or “maglocked”, firearms a criminal act as of July 1, 2013.  Sen. Yee’s chief-of-staff, Adam Keigwin, has said that California should ban all guns, even bolt-action hunting rifles.

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