If Only The US Was More Like Europe

Truly despicable, this is the result when you allow your rights to be stripped by cowards, and common sense to be stripped by PC.

The court accepted that the Glock pistol had been given to Sgt Nightingale as a gift and the testimony from the expert witnesses who stated that he had suffered from severe memory loss.
But the judge refused to accept that Sgt Nightingale was not aware that he was in possession of an illegal firearm and sentenced him to 18 months in the Military Corrective Training Centre in Colchester, known to the military as “the glasshouse”.
He will be discharged from the Army once his sentenced is complete, and will have with a criminal conviction which will make it difficult to secure employment.
Stripped of the SAS career he loved, Sgt Nightingale must hope that the appeal his legal team will lodge against both conviction and sentence succeed.