And So It Begins…

We know that there have been machinations behind the scenes since the election to institute a new AWB, now the devastating events in Newtown have prompted a series of rash actions by private companies, and I shudder to think what may be coming from the government. There has been a call for a renewal of the AWB from pundits and lawmakers, despite the fact that the shooter in CT did not even use his rifle. Rifles are rarely used in homicides, mainly due to the difficulty in concealing them:

Of 12,664 murder victims last year, only 323 were killed with rifles, according to the FBI.
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Feinstein has been itching to implement national restrictions, the same types we have in CA, that do nothing to prevent criminal activity. Companies in the industry are running scared, WalMart and Dick’s sporting goods are pulling rifles off the shelf, Cerberus is preparing to sell Freedom Group, which includes Remington and Bushmaster.

As the left was ridiculing anyone who dared fear the 2nd Amendment was in jeopardy as paranoid, the words of Rahm Emanuel echoed in the minds of those who are more informed on these issues:

You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.

And here we are. Will America’s citizens forfeit their ability to defend themselves against tyranny, in spite of the glaring facts about gun control’s failures? Will the media report the countless incidents where firearms save lives, such as the CCW holder who ended the shootings in OR by simply presenting his weapon? It is incredibly important that we are vigilant in defending the 2nd Amendment. Not only will restrictions fail to deter a determined killer, it will strip away the clout of all other amendments. America, don’t follow the sad footprints of the UK and Australia.

But we need to be more like Europe, right? Wrong.

The slaughter of children is sufficiently rare in the West that it overwhelms us with horror and grief. There have been five school shootings in Europe during the past 10 years with 10 or more dead, and two in the United States – the 2007 Virginia Tech incident and the Sandy Hook shootings. Despite its much stricter gun control, Europe has been the scene of more mass school killings than the United States. We Americans would be fooling ourselves to think that stricter gun laws would help.

Creating difficulty in obtaining firearms for the law abiding citizen will not deter a criminal. Murder is already illegal. I don’t know how many more ways to say it… new gun legislation will not prevent crime or murder, it will only help a few busybodies in DC feel like they have done something.