Feinstein Takes Aim At The 2nd Amendment

Here is it folks… Feinstein wants to obliterate your ability to purchase firearms. If you are unaware of what NFA weapons require, it is a lengthy and costly process, it usually takes at least 4-6 months. Your local law enforcement must approve the purchase, you have to provide photos, fingerprints, and are subjected to a lengthy federal background check before approval. Even the idea that they would allow grandfathered weapons is a farce. Under the current NFA system, it takes months, the flood of registrations would lead to YEARS of backlog, not even mentioning any new purchases. It is exactly the type of infringement the 2nd Amendment was designed to prevent. She wants to make it so difficult to purchase or possess a firearm, that most would forfeit or become felons once the new law is enacted. It is an ill-conceived plan, and would do nothing to prevent crime (just ask Harvard: http://www.law.harvard.edu/students/orgs/jlpp/Vol30_No2_KatesMauseronline.pdf).

Feinstein’s Proposal…

The failing of the types of studies she cites are that in places where firearms are restricted, there may be fewer gun deaths but violent crimes against the public immediately increase. It is as if they don’t care that the public is at risk for robbery, rape, death, etc, as long as there is a lower chance they will be killed in a certain way.

According to the FBI’s records, 323 people were murdered with rifles in 2011. Twice as many people were killed by fists than rifles last year. Where is the call for banning assault limbs? Death by blunt instruments were also more numerous than by rifles.

What about Sandy Hook? The crisis that the left has seized to destroy the constitutional rights of hundreds of millions was perpetrated by a crazy person. It started when he killed his own mother with a lowly .22. While there have been many reports of a Bushmaster AR-15 at the scene, all the initial reports stated that the murders were committed with 2 semiautomatic pistols. The weapon being pulled from the trunk is not an AR-15. I hate to think that the media is distorting the truth to effect the public’s opinion on these issues. Actually, no, I completely believe the media and their cohorts in government will stoop to any level to exert the type of control that will bring us closer to being subjects in their utopia. I sincerely hope that people will consider the true impact of the the asinine measures certain lawmakers are calling for, and the hypocrisy of people like President Obama, and NY Mayor Bloomberg, who are protected, as are their children, by armed men at all times. Obama even saw fit to joke about it with Barbara Walters. Ha ha, you self-righteous fool. How nice to be more equal then the simple peasant children in public school.