California Continues, Disarming You One Way or Another

The CA state senate is doing everything possible to prevent you from defending yourself against the throngs of violent criminals let loose due to their inability to manage the budget (cough pensions cough) and overcrowding. Put simply, they are trying to make it so difficult to legally purchase ammunition, it renders the 2nd amendment invalid. The genius behind this brilliant piece of legislation is Kevin De León (D / Los Angeles).  He is seeking to create a special ammunition permit, without which, you will not be able to purchase ammunition under any circumstances.

To obtain such a permit, the holder would have to pass a traditional background check as well as a mental health check, according to De León. The legislation would also ban online and mail order sales of ammunition to Californians.

In addition, SB 53 would require all ammunition sales to take place at a limited list of State-approved “ammunition vendors”, who would also be required to submit sales records to the CA Department of Justice.

In an ironic hypothetical example, De León explains his logic:

But De León told KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO the legislation is intended to address an apparent loophole in California law that allows anyone – including convicted felons – to buy ammunition just about anywhere.

“If you get out of Men’s Central Jail, or let’s say Pelican Bay or San Quentin prison, you can walk into any gun store in California and you can load up a U-Haul truck, fill it up with ammunition, you can drive to South Central Los Angeles…and sell all the ammunition you want on the black market,” he said.


Ah yes, the old “black market” for ammunition, the one that doesn’t currently exist , BUT WHICH WILL BE CREATED IF THIS BILL BECOMES LAW.

Perhaps he is just confused?  Is he using that term racially due to the demographics of South Central?  With someone this daft, it is really hard to know.

And really, being able to buy ammunition is “an apparent loophole?”  De León’s ability to remember to breathe is an apparent loophole in Darwin’s Laws, yet it’s still legal.

Another clown dressed in political power, who can’t think past tomorrow, let alone consider the ramifications of a bill that will do nothing to curb gun violence, and cause an incredible burden to fall on the law abiding citizen.

It is almost as if they aren’t really interested in addressing the problems at the heart of the violence issue at all.

Read more about how you’ll be saved here:

Something else to consider for those of you who have to live in reality… this bill will outlaw internet purchases.  “Well,” you say, “A small price to pay for the children/your safety/the polar bears/whatever.”  Anyone who has tried to purchase ammunition in the last year knows that it is difficult at best to find even common rounds in stock at local shops, let alone with the vast resources of the internet.  Many stores can barely keep stock at all.  We’re talking even .22lr.  Under this plan, it will be nearly impossible to get your hands on any significant stock at anything like a reasonable price.  Remember, all sales will have to go through a “limited number of state approved vendors.”  You may well find yourself driving many miles to your “regional vendor,” only to find they just sold out.  More likely, you’ll find yourself driving to the free states to make your purchases.

They want it to be so painful, you will give up, forfeiting your say in the outcome of that encounter with an emboldened home invader.  Kevin De León, please keep your future bright ideas to yourself.