Spooling Up After Hiatus

I’ve been contemplating how exactly I want to proceed with this site for quite a while now. Frankly, keeping engaged with the state of the 2nd Amendment in this country can be downright nauseating, watching as more people cry out to surrender their God given rights in return for an overreaching government taking care of every aspect of their lives. It is disgusting to watch those who have sworn to uphold the constitution seek to undermine it at every turn, the ignorance of the reasons the BOR were enumerated failing to drill through their thick skulls. However, every voice that is raised in opposition is important, and I believe it would be morally unacceptable for me to privately denounce the direction this country is headed if I do not decry the steps that are taking us there. So, I’ll be posting updates on 2A issues, other firearms related news, including gear announcements, reviews, etc. I hope to have time to offer more in the way of insight and commentary, so that GOTS doesn’t become another page of links without original content. Stand by for the barrage.