It’s been 12 years since the attack on the WTC, 1 since Benghazi.  Those responsible for the original 9/11 are largely dead, while the administration refuses to acknowledge the 2012 was anything but a speedbump.  It is up to us, the citizens of the nation, to remain vigilant as we have threats to our way of life coming from all sides.  We  have given up liberty for security theater, meanwhile the national interests of our country are not even defended by those we have tasked to do so.  They allow AQ to attack a US Consulate, not even a year later John McCain is pushing to arm the very same group against Assad.  Insanity.

On the home front, CA is on the verge of sending the 2nd AM into the shredder.  It has been bad, it appears it will be a whole lot worse.  In one shining ray of light, CO recalled two state senators who overstepped what their constituents were willing to bear in regards to eroding the liberties enumerated by the Bill of Rights.  Perhaps there is hope after all.