Door to Door Student Got More Than He Bargained For

As I was working on some web updates for my cousin’s site at Ballistic HQ, there was a knock at the door. A young man, with a planner, and some big hair, stood on the doorstep. How he made it to the front door of the compound, I can’t say. Apparently, the little deer statue in the bushes didn’t deter him. He began his pitch by stating that his mom walks her yorkie through the neighborhood and says that everyone is nice. I was wondering if the dog was missing at this point. He then goes on to say that he is part of a young entrepreneur’s club, handed me a card by which I could identify him if I needed to “go looking for him.”

Hmmm… I thought it strange that I would need to track him down. He stated that they are raising money to go to Browning. Asking if I was familiar with the company, I asked if it was the firearms manufacturer, which of course I am familiar with. I thought he said they were going to Britain, but maybe it was Belgium, since that is where Browning’s (FN) parent company is located. Regardless, he mentioned that they were going to learn about management. At this point, the speech was getting a little convoluted, so I cut him off, “What do you need from me?” The list of magazines was presented. “I’m not buying a magazine subscription, can I just give you some money?” There is a service that sends magazines to service members overseas if I would prefer. Excellent.

He went out of his way to mention that he would not be handling any weapons, some people are “up in arms” about the fact they are visiting a firearms mfg. I told him I am ALWAYS up in arms. This was met with a puzzled look as I stepped from the door and mentioned that I’m an entrepreneur myself. I showed him my shirts, he exclaimed in the positive. I asked him what size he wears, and threw him a L Costa Edition shirt. I asked him to force some social media stuff on his friends, and told him I hoped he got to handle all the cool firearms they have.

I realize now that I should have snapped a picture with his score, but I wasn’t thinking about it at the time. Wherever you are, puffy haired neighbor kid, remember it is your right by birth, recognized by the US Constitution, to be up in arms. What a sad state of affairs that he has to go through the neighbor pretending to not be excited about visiting a firearms manufacturer. I hope he gets the funds he needs and has a blast in Europe.