On The Starbucks Letter

On the one hand, agree with this poster from a forum:

The gay marriage zealots seemed pretty weird to most when they started agitating for their cause. Today gay marriage is rapidly becoming the law of the land.

I support these open carry agitators. They are exercising a constitutionally-protected right. Much better to get challenges to the law pushed up to SCOTUS now than any time in the foreseeable future since this court has ruled recently and consistently in favor of a literal interpretation of the 2nd amendment that protects individuals’ right to keep and bear arms.

On the other hand, I don’t trust most people to not be idiots, that goes for NDing gun owners; when I see pictures like these, I can understand why people who are unfamiliar with firearms would be uncomfortable (pics heisted from http://practicaltacticalpodcast.com/starbucks/):


Now, I don’t drink coffee, and I have better things to spend $5 on, and better ways to consume 1000 calories, so in the most immediate sense, a gun unfriendly Starbucks doesn’t mean much to me. Hell, I live in CA, the air I breathe is anti-gun. However, part of winning people to our side is helping them understand that gun owners are everyday, normal people, and not the caricature portrayed by frothing at the mouth HuffPo contributors.

I take my responsibility as a gun owner seriously.  I take gun safety seriously.  I just don’t see how taking your no-sling AR to Starbucks makes any practical sense.   To be part of the solution, you gotta have a modicum of situational awareness, and these people seem be lacking.