10 Steps for Successful Open Carry Activism

I agree with nearly everything here, especially 1 & 10.  However, I don’t know that picking on the poor guy’s shirt is necessary.  If OC is the only way you can carry, then you should carry, even in a tank top.

According to the gospel of Pat-

The car is not a holster.
Carry your ****ng gun.

All of the ****ing time…

I don’t wear tank tops, and I can’t OC in CA, so it’s irrelevant for me anyway.  Now if we want to talk about appropriate clothing- if you aren’t wearing real shoes, you just suck.

Head over to G-nuts and give it a read.


1. Don’t be a dick
Honestly, if you can accomplish step 1, you’re way ahead of the power curve. We lost Starbucks specifically because people were being dicks. If you have to ask yourself “is action X being a dick?” then the answer is probably yes and you should not do it. Don’t provoke confrontations, don’t get up in people’s faces, and don’t give the cops a reason to think you’re a clown.