NY LE Enforcing Counting Competency Law

Lockport Police Chief Lawrence M. Eggert said this is the first time city police have made an arrest involving the New York SAFE Act and admitted they were getting compared to Nazis on social media.

“One of the comments said, ‘When are you going to start loading people into cattle cars?’ ” said Eggert.

New York’s notorious”SAFE” act is just as inane in practice as it seemed in theory.  A man was arrested for loading his 10 round magazine with 10 rounds (for those of you just coming out of hibernation, NY passed a 7 round load limit, despite capacity, in the wake of the Newtown shootings). This came on the heels of a short chase.  My first reaction is to be quite critical of the LEO in this instance, we are all pretty tired of hearing that they are “just doing their job.”  It appears the driver was fleeing from police, probably due to being unlicensed, and when you run, you might as well be taunting with a bull horn to charge everything they can think of.  The passenger, who legally owned and possessed the weapon, was compliant, and turned it over when the officer asked if there were any weapons in the vehicle.  If you are a LEO, is this a tough call?  Do you forge ahead enforcing these anti 2AM laws?