All kinds of stuff going on…

Well, it’s been crazy around here.  I haven’t even had a chance to document my trip back to the Live Free or Die State at the beginning of November.  It’s been non-stop craziness since I returned.

If you’ve been ignoring all the social media stuff, then you wouldn’t know that there are several new designs in the works.  The preorder prices end 12/5, so get in while you still can.  Quite a few people took advantage of Black Rifle Friday / Monday discounts.  We’ll be doing another sale once the preorders have been filled.

Couples Therapy | Ballistic.US

The Mrs. and I had a chance to get out the Southern California Pumpkin Shoot, met some great people.  Still need to process those photos as well… someone out there keeps bugging me about it.  This one shot by k3n.

Ballistic.US sponsored the first Gentry Co (MO) Biggest Buck contest, and it sounds like next year, there will be more ways to win.

We were honored to contribute to the 2013 Team Ranstad raffle.  They raised quite a bit of money, and last year they put 99.11% of all donations directly to use helping those US service members in harms way.  

We were also able to donate Costa Edition Shirts to the participants of the first Warrior hunt at LBJ Ranch.  They sent Ballistic.US a spiffy plaque to show their appreciation, which will be proudly displayed in the  new HQ.

We’ve only been at this a few months, and we’ve been able to get involved in some very worthy causes, and meet some great people.  There are big plans for the next year, but we’re still trying to grow our reach so people can see the product, and all the other content Ballistic.US produces.   So stay tuned to social media, we’ll be running more contests, trying to get the product and the word out.

Thanks to everyone who has supported Ballistic.US during this infancy, hope to be bringing you some great new products next year.

Angry Al