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Man Defends Home, In Custody

A man who defended his home against two masked intruders is now in custody as police determine whether he will be charged.  Apparently he should have let them in and offered them tea and cookies.

The resident at 85 Esmond St. is also in custody, but has not yet been charged with any crime because police are trying to determine if he was licensed to possess a firearm, according to Evans and Gross.


CGF Wins CCW Suit

“This decision means that all Californians need not jump through more hoops than those required under state law in order to apply for a handgun carry license and exercise their Second Amendment rights,” explained Gene Hoffman, the group’s Chairman.

Way to go Calguns!  We have some big battles on the horizon,  the importance of fighting these battles on the front lines cannot be stressed enough.

Cuomo’s Appointee Muzzle Sweeps Foreign Delegation

Yep, that anti-2A Cuomo, who doesn’t trust the average citizen with their firearms.  His “Director of Homeland Security,” Jerome Hauer, used the laser on his pistol as a pointing device during a presentation.  According to the article, he suffered a stroke recently.  How is this allowed to happen?  Somebody needs to slap that moron and disarm him.  A pistol is not a laser pointer unless you intend to destroy whatever you are pointing at- I wasn’t present, so I can’t verify that the presentation was worthy of destruction.  These are the people, who can’t even follow the 4 basic rules of firearms safety, are making policy that effects your 2nd Amendment right.   This is not OK.