CA Gets First “Smart” -cough- Gun

It’s probably fine in ideal conditions (like before criminals learn to defeat the RFID and use it anyway, or even better, just kill yours so you are holding a paperweight), but you usually aren’t having to shoot at someone under ideal conditions. I’m sure some will buy one as a novelty, but at $1800 before tax, DROS, and whatever other costs, this is not a solution for the average person. No doubt, some city council will decide their LEOs need them, when that money would much better spent on ammunition and a good gunfighting course. Hardware solutions for software problems.

When the RFID-equipped watch is activated by a PIN number and placed near the gun — like when a shooter grips the handle — it sends a signal to unlock the gun and a light on the back of the weapon turns green, according to the report. Otherwise, the firearm stays locked and the light on the back remains red, it stated.

I prefer my firearms like my cars, as “dumb” as possible, with the fewest number of ways they can be digitally tracked or rendered useless.