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Lest We Forget, Tyranny Never Sleeps

While most of the country is in a turkey induced haze, or frantically ramming their fellow shoppers with carts to get the last discounted bag of Cheetos, NYPD is sending out confiscation letters.  Just warms the heart, no?  Why would we worry about registration, again?  Coming  soon, to an utopia near you!

1. Immediately surrender your Rifle and/or Shotgun to your local police precinct, and notify this office of the invoice number. The firearm may be sold or permanently removed from the City of New York thereafter.

2. Permanently remove your Rifle and/or Shotgun from New York City


Disgusting.  Absolutely disgusting.


Here are a couple pictures from the weekend activities out in New Hampshire.

Bushmaster BA50, muzzle blast spraying debris everywhere.  Shooter had never fired a gun before that day, one of the Aransas Firearms crew (rocking a Ballistic shirt, of course) is keeping an eye on things.  She went through most of a magazine, loving every minute.

Bushmaster BA50 | Ballistic.US


Really clean Barrett 99 with AAC Cyclops suppressor.  Very smooth shooter.

Barrett 99 AAC Cyclops | Ballistic.US

Stay tuned, more to come.

So Much Wrong Here

Assistant State’s Attorney, Glen Neubauer, maintains that he should have called 911, and that even the act of grabbing the gun in the first place is “bizarre behavior in itself”

What a worthless human.   A man defending his home is “bizarre.”  Some feel there is more honor in assuming the fetal position while family and friends are injured, killed, and/or violated, than making a stand to defend them.

This is a terrible situation for Matt and his family.  I hope justice will prevail.  My thought is that the moment you force entry, you have chosen that action over the right to breathe.

Read more:


GOC Hopes to Capitalize on CO Recall Momentum in CA

I hope we can do something here…

Thursday at 10:45 a.m., a grassroots group called “Free California” launched Colorado-style recalls on the west steps of the California State Capitol.
These come less than two weeks after California Governor Jerry Brown (D) signed sweeping new gun control measures, including a lead ammo ban and an expansion of the criminal firearm storage statute.
The recalls are being announced “for potential targeted seats from San Diego along the border, up to Orange County, to the Central Valley, all the way up to Northern California.”

NY LE Enforcing Counting Competency Law

Lockport Police Chief Lawrence M. Eggert said this is the first time city police have made an arrest involving the New York SAFE Act and admitted they were getting compared to Nazis on social media.

“One of the comments said, ‘When are you going to start loading people into cattle cars?’ ” said Eggert.

New York’s notorious”SAFE” act is just as inane in practice as it seemed in theory.  A man was arrested for loading his 10 round magazine with 10 rounds (for those of you just coming out of hibernation, NY passed a 7 round load limit, despite capacity, in the wake of the Newtown shootings). This came on the heels of a short chase.  My first reaction is to be quite critical of the LEO in this instance, we are all pretty tired of hearing that they are “just doing their job.”  It appears the driver was fleeing from police, probably due to being unlicensed, and when you run, you might as well be taunting with a bull horn to charge everything they can think of.  The passenger, who legally owned and possessed the weapon, was compliant, and turned it over when the officer asked if there were any weapons in the vehicle.  If you are a LEO, is this a tough call?  Do you forge ahead enforcing these anti 2AM laws?

Ballistic 2013 PUMPKIN TORTURE conTEST



Alright guys, time to bust out the cutlery and administer some slow pain to the invading hoard.  We are getting ready to launch a slew of new products over the next couple months.  To celebrate, we are having yet another product giveaway.  Rules are simple:  Send in your jack-o-lanterns featuring firearms, military, and or liberty related themes, and we’ll pick our favorite.  The winner gets a brand new, not yet available Ballistic Impact Logo sweatshirt.  You can submit by tagging Ballistic.US in a photo, or sending it direct via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, or email (  Have fun, stay safe, and make ’em suffer!

History and Origins of Ballistic

2008: The origins of the brand

2008: The origins of the brand

Who: Me, 33 year old father of 5, California based graphics/web designer, lifelong firearms enthusiast, staunch 2A supporter What: Ballistic.US-Firearms Related Clothing Company Why: Kids keep eating my ammo budget Where: The internet. A series of tubes… This all started in 2008 (notice the date in the file properties) as I was trying to think of some kind of firearms related brand I could build to create opportunities within the firearms industry. The old, “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day” idea. The reality is that it makes work a lot more enjoyable, but it’s still work. As a designer, I know this as well as anyone. Anyway, thinking Ballistic was a decent name, I started with 2 stacked cartridges to form a B. I must have worked with 50 different ideas of calibers and different layouts with multiple cartridges to represent my B. I ended up going back to these. My first product ideas were jackets and shirts that had unique and novel features for CCW. I realized that it would be a costly process having custom design garments manufactured, but I thought there was merit to the ideas. Continue reading History and Origins of Ballistic

10 Steps for Successful Open Carry Activism

I agree with nearly everything here, especially 1 & 10.  However, I don’t know that picking on the poor guy’s shirt is necessary.  If OC is the only way you can carry, then you should carry, even in a tank top.

According to the gospel of Pat-

The car is not a holster.
Carry your ****ng gun.

All of the ****ing time…

I don’t wear tank tops, and I can’t OC in CA, so it’s irrelevant for me anyway.  Now if we want to talk about appropriate clothing- if you aren’t wearing real shoes, you just suck.

Head over to G-nuts and give it a read.

1. Don’t be a dick
Honestly, if you can accomplish step 1, you’re way ahead of the power curve. We lost Starbucks specifically because people were being dicks. If you have to ask yourself “is action X being a dick?” then the answer is probably yes and you should not do it. Don’t provoke confrontations, don’t get up in people’s faces, and don’t give the cops a reason to think you’re a clown.