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LaRue 7.62 PredatOBR

Finally breaking this picture out, been sitting on it for months.pred



LaRue Tactical 7.62  PredatOBR w/ quick change barrel
Surefire brake
LaRue Tactical APEG grip
LaRue Tactical RAT stock
Aimpoint T1 optic
Magpul magazine

Really trick setup.  I don’t have a personal need for the  quick swap barrel and total breakdown functionality, but it’s tough not to want one after seeing it in the flesh.  High probability of a Ballistic.US shirt based on this rifle in the future.

Saturday 9/29 Lessons Learned

At the beginning of September, I got a call from Uncle D about heading out to the secret spot at my grandfather’s place.  I don’t think we have been shooting together once this year, we usually make it a few times per year.  My oldest had literally mentioned getting together with Uncle D just a few days earlier, so it appeared fate was with us.  Uncle D mentioned that he had a friend with an unfired EDM rifle, which has a (CA registered, for those will ill intentions among us) .50 BMG barrel & bolt, as well as .408 Cheytac and .338 Lapua barrels & bolt- if I recall correctly, the .408 & .338 share bolts.  Bring him on out!

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New LaRue Grip Revealed

Mark Fingar has posted pictures of the new LaRue A-PEG on the LaRue industy forum at It will be available in all your your favorite colors, including LaRue’s proprietary UDE.  It looks to be a hard, aggressively textured grip, uniquely contoured compared to the other grips available.  Perhaps slightly reminiscent of the finger shelf on the Sierra Precision grip, but really unlike anything else I’ve seen.   According to mfingar, they will be available “very soon.”

For more pictures, visit the LaRue industry forum: