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Next Weapon DNA Shirt?

It’s been a bit quiet, but it’s time for a new illustration shirt. I’m thinking pistol this time. Either an STI 2011 (as requested by the LF crew), or maybe a Salient Arms Glock 19.

Which would you rather? Send an email, or contact us via social media, make your voice heard!



So Much Wrong Here

Assistant State’s Attorney, Glen Neubauer, maintains that he should have called 911, and that even the act of grabbing the gun in the first place is “bizarre behavior in itself”

What a worthless human.   A man defending his home is “bizarre.”  Some feel there is more honor in assuming the fetal position while family and friends are injured, killed, and/or violated, than making a stand to defend them.

This is a terrible situation for Matt and his family.  I hope justice will prevail.  My thought is that the moment you force entry, you have chosen that action over the right to breathe.

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