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Take your stopping power up a notch with unique & visually impactful Ballistic.US AR-15 shirts.  Our designs are hand crafted in the USA with organically grown ideas, usually without performance enhancing substances .  Inspiration is drawn from the precise and often beautiful creations of the innovators in the firearms industry, as well as the target rich environment of political correctness.  We support the United States Constitution, and are specifically protective of the 2nd Amendment, without which, all other basic rights are at risk.  Check out our growing shop, and stop by the Guns On The Streets Blog for the latest sarcastic shots at the gun control lobby.

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  • Next Weapon DNA Shirt?

    It’s been a bit quiet, but it’s time for a new illustration shirt. I’m thinking pistol this time. Either an STI 2011 (as requested by the LF crew), or maybe a Salient Arms Glock 19.

    Which would you rather? Send an email, or contact us via social media, make your voice heard!